Music Nomad - MN236 Premium Truss Rod Wrench

When it's time to tweak your Martin guitar, use a quality tool like the MusicNomad MN236 Premium Truss Rod Wrench. Its 4.75" right-angle steel arm is tailor-made for reaching truss rods inside Martin and Martin-style soundholes. Its molded ergonomic handle supplies enough force to tame stubborn rods, and it's 5mm ball-end design ensures you don't strip out your access screw. The MusicNomad MN236 is made from durable steel and comes laser etched for easy identification. Note that the MN236 is compatible with all models of Martin acoustics except DSS-2018, OMSS-2019, and Modern Deluxe Series. Whether you're a luthier yourself or just the type of player who performs their own guitar maintenance, you'll definitely want to check out the MusicNoman MN236 Premium Truss Rod Wrench.


  • Truss rod adjustment tool
  • Fits all Martin Guitars except DSS-2018, OMSS-2019, and Modern Deluxe Series
  • 5mm, ball-end steel arm
  • Strong steel construction
  • 4.75" right-angle design helps access truss rods inside soundholes
  • Laser-etched for easy identification

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