Miraphone - Model M7050 Ambassador EEb Tubas

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With the M7050, Miraphone has crafted an Eb tuba that is especially designed for the specific needs of the brass band arena. Miraphone has already secured a prominent position for this model in the brass band scene.

As a member of the "Ambassador" family the M7050 earns its points with its voluminous sound, while still allowing an ease of control. The Eb tuba M7050 "Ambassador" exhibits ergonomic handling and first class response and intonation in all registers.


- Size: 5/4
- Type of mouthpipe: medium large
- 4 valves (3R1L)
- Piston valves
- Fourth valve lock
- Compensating
- Water keys on first, third, fourth, and main tuning slide

Options/Customisations available:

- Lacquered
- Silver plated

- With
- Without


Key Eb
Intonation 443 Hz
Body material Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section
Bell diameter 290 mm (11.417 inch)
Valve system Piston
Valve section bore Conical 18.0-18.8 mm (0.709-0.74 inch)
Mouthpiece TU27
Height 900 mm (35.433 inch)
Weight 10.12 kg (22.31 lb)
Others Lyre holder and strap ring

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