Miraphone - Model M6600 Bb/F Tenor Trombones

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- Style: Wide with open wrap Miraphone trombone valve
- One valve
- Rotary valve
- Single rotor (F)
- Exchangeable leadpipe

Options/Customisations available:

Body materials:
Gold brass with combined gold brass-nickel silver valve section
- Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section

Outer slide material:
- Nickel silver
- Yellow brass

- With
- Without


Key Bb
Intonation 443 Hz
Finish Lacquered
Bell diameter 220 mm (8.661 inch)
Valve section bore 14.0 mm (0.551 inch)
Mouthpiece PO13
Height 1265 mm (49.803 inch)
Weight 1.85 kg (4.08 lb)

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