Miraphone - Model 283 Norwegian Star Eb Tubas

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The Eb tuba 283 Norwegian Star impresses with its versatility as a professional instrument for the orchestra musician as well as for members of chamber groups and wind bands. The newly developed body taper and the bell with a diameter of 400 mm (15.748 inches) provides a full and even sound in all registers.

This Eb tuba can easily replace a C tuba in smaller or middle-sized orchestras. A very even and constant response through the entire dynamic spectrum is made possible through the intentional selection of shape and taper of the leadpipe. The brilliant and rich sound is persistent from the most strident of fortissimos to the subtlest of pianissimos.


- Size: 5/4
- Rotary valves

Options/Customisations available:

Body material
- Gold brass with combined gold brass and nickel silver valve section
- Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section

- Silver plated
- Lacquered

- Five valves (Instrument weight: 8.7kg)
- Four valves (Instrument weight: 8.14kg)

Nickel silver wreath
- With
- Without

- With
- Without


Key Eb
Intonation 443 Hz
Bell diameter 400 mm (15.748 inch)
Valve system Rotary
Valve section bore Conical 19.6-21.2 mm (0.772-0.835 inch)
Mouthpiece TU28
Height 920 mm (36.220 inch)
Weight 4 valves: 8.14 kg (17.95 lb)
5 valves: 8.70 kg (19.18 lb)
Others Lyre holder and strap ring

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