Miraphone - Model 281 Firebird 6-Valve F Tuba (Lacquered)

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Thanks to its immense projection, the focused center and clarity of its F tuba sound and the large potential of rich volume, the Firebird 281 F tuba is an excellent choice for both soloists and orchestra musicians.

The lean and compact body of the Firebird relates to what one would expect of a German F tuba. However, this model has a conical taper with a widening valve bore, specially developed to give a more direct and easy response. The free-floating leadpipe and the hand-hammered bell grants the Firebird its unique tone color.


- Size: 5/4 compact
- Vented valves for pressure compensation
- Rotary valves

Options/Customisations available:

Body materials
- Gold brass with combined gold brass and nickel silver valve section
- Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section

- Silver plated
- Lacquered

Small gold parts
- With
- Without

- Five (Instrument weight: 7.82 kg)
- Five (4R1L) (Instrument weight: 7.82 kg)
- Six (5R1L) (Instrument weight: 8.6 kg)
- Six (4R2L) (Instrument weight: 8.6 kg)

- 440 Hz
- 443 Hz

Nickel silver wreath
- With
- Without

Lyre holder
- With
- Without

Strap ring
- With
- Without

- With
- Without


Key F
Intonation 440Hz or 443 Hz
Bell diameter 400 mm (15.748 inch)
Valve system Rotary
Valve section bore Conical 19.6-21.2 mm (0.772-0.835 inch)
Mouthpiece TU23
Height 905 mm (35.630 inch)
Weight 5 valves: 7.82 kg (17.24 lb)
6 valves: 8.60 kg (18.96 lb)

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