Miraphone - Model 24R Rotary Flugelhorns

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A warm, rich and clear sound makes the Miraphone flugelhorn 24R an excellent multipurpose instrument, ideally suited for symphony orchestra, wind band and ensemble playing.

The uniform counterclockwise rotation of the rotary valves on this instrument allows for perfect legato-style playing with all fingering combinations. The homogenous and light response is secured through a specially developed taper, which also results in exceptional intonation in all registers.

Options/Customisations available:

Body material:
Gold brass with combined gold brass-nickel silver valve section
- Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section

- Lacquered
- Silver plated
- Gold plated

Gold plated small parts
- With
- Without

Water key on third valve slide
- With
- Without

Water key on branch
- With
- Without

Trigger on third valve
- With
- Without

Lyre holder
- With
- Without

- With
- Without


Intonation 443 Hz
Bell diameter 160 mm (6.299 inch)
Valve system Rotary
Valve section bore 11.4 mm (0.449 inch)
Mouthpiece FL05
Height 430 mm (16.929 inch)
Weight 1.02kg (2.25 lb)

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