Miraphone - Model 1293 CC Tubas

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The Miraphone Tuba CC-1293 5V Piston is the newest addition to the popular 1291 series. It features a 19.685" bell and a larger 5th rotary valve than previous models. These changes make the tuba more responsive and extremely powerful in the low register. The 1293 comes with both a medium and medium large leadpipe for a customizable feel and sound.


- Size: 5/4 compact
- Vented valves for pressure compensation
- 5 valves with large style fifth valve
- Piston valves (front-action)

Options/Customisations available:

- Silver plated
- Lacquered

- With
- Without


Key C
Intonation 443 Hz
Body materials Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section
Bell diameter 500 mm (19.685 inch)
Valve system Piston (front-action)
Valve section bore Conical 19.6-21.2 mm (0.772-0.835 inch)
Mouthpiece TU26
Height 930 mm (36.614 inch)
Weight 10.62 kg (23.41 lb)

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