Miraphone - Model 1255L Bb Euphoniums

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The Miraphone euphonium 1255L is a very easy playing instrument with good intonation, sound and response. First choice instrument for players who prefer a non-compensating instrument.


- 4 valves (3R1L)
- Piston valves
- Water keys on first and third valve slides

Options/Customisations available:

- Silver plated
- Lacquered

- With
- Without


Key Bb
Intonation 443 Hz
Body material Yellow brass with nickel silver valve section
Bell diameter 290 mm (11.417 inch)
Valve system Piston
Valve section bore Conical 15.5-16.2 mm (0.61-0.638 inch)
Mouthpiece BT18
Height 675 mm (26.575 inch)
Weight 4.30 kg (9.48 lb)
Others Lyre holder and drop catcher

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