Miraphone - Model 11 Rotary Bb Trumpets

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The wide dimensions of the Bb 11 trumpet lend itself to the soloist setting as well as for orchestral play where a large volume of sound is required. It features a wide bore, fuller sound, outstanding projection, centered tone and excellent response throughout.

The pure intonation and the clear, stereotypical German sound rounds out the complete impression of the Bb 11 trumpet. In only a short time, this instrument has won a secure spot in the classical orchestras.

Options/Customisations available:

- Lacquered
- Silver plated
- Gold plated

Water key on third valve slide
- With
- Without

- With
- Without


Intonation 443 Hz
Body material Gold brass with combined gold brass-nickel silver valve section
Bell diameter 130 mm (5.118 inch)
Valve section material Combined gold brass and nickel silver
Valve system Rotary
Valve section bore 11.25 mm (0.443 inch)
Tuning slide bore 11.25 mm (0.443 inch)
Mouthpiece TR05
Height 470 mm (18.504 inch)
Weight 1.02kg (2.25 lb)

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