Miraphone - M3050 Bb Piston Trumpets

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Due to the large bore size of 11.80mm (0.464 inch), the Miraphone M3050 trumpet is suited for trumpet players who perform in the orchestra, wind symphony, or as lead trumpet in big band.

The optimal alignment between valve section, leadpipe and bell, secures an excellent response and an even volume of sound through all registers. Particularly in the high range, the sound of the Bb M3050 from Miraphone is exceptionally stable and open with instant response. This allows optimal security for the trumpet player for all genres of music.

Options/Customisations available:

- Lacquered
- Silver plated

Body material
- Yellow brass
- Gold brass with combined gold brass-nickel silver valve section


Intonation 443 Hz
Bell diameter 124 mm (4.881 inch)
Valve section material Nickel silver
Valve system Piston
Valve section bore 11.8 mm (0.465 inch)
Mouthpiece TR15
Height 475 mm (18.701 inch)
Weight 0.97kg (2.14 lb)
Case Included
3rd Valve Slide Water Key Included
Others Hexagonal mouthpiece receiver

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