JodyJazz - HR* Series - Baritone Saxophone Mouthpieces

The HR* (pronounced HR star) produces a beautiful warm sound with free blowing ease. This Hard Rubber Saxophone Mouthpiece features a round, medium size chamber. The HR* is suited for Traditional Jazz, Big Band, Straight-Ahead and Bebop, but also has enough power for more modern styles. This is a favorite of band directors for its ability to blend in with a section.

The HR* is a hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece aimed at professionals and students looking for a traditional versatile mouthpiece. High quality control standards, a beautiful warm sound and a nice free blowing feel make these new mouthpieces amazing players. We feel that this mouthpiece may be the best hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece on the market.

What does a HR* mouthpiece do? How does it do it?
  • Beautiful Warm Tone
  • Free Blowing
  • Reed Friendly
  • Blends Well
  • Power and Projection
  • Traditional to Modern Sound
  • Genuine Hard Rubber Formula
  • Round Medium Chamber
  • Even Rails & Tip
  • Individually Play Tested by Jody Espina
  • Unparalleled Quality Control
  • Hand Finished Baffle, Tip Rail and Table

The mouthpiece comes with Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch.

Special Notes

Many different sounds are possible on the JodyJazz HR* hard rubber mouthpieces. For example: For in a Classical style try our # 5 model with a relatively hard reed. For a sound similar to Branford Marsalis use a HR* 6* - 7* with a medium reed like you might normally use. Play softly and you will hear that beautiful sound with a hint of air it. Play loudly and you will get the power you need. These are just the broadest suggestions. The real answer about sound is for you to experiment and find out what works for you.


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