JGpercussion - Joseph Pereira Signature Series Bamboo Timpani Mallets

JGpercussion is proud to present the Joseph Pereira Signature Series of timpani mallets. Each model was created in collaboration with Joseph Pereira – Principal Timpanist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

All of the mallets in the Joseph Pereira Signature series are made from strong, hand-selected bamboo that has a perfectly sanded joint in the center of the shaft.

Mallets with a ball-stick design (JP 1-5) are hand-sewn with the highest quality soft German felt. Mallets with a European layered design (JP 6-10) feature layers of leather and German flannel.

Each pair is made from bamboo 10-11mm in diameter, and each mallet comes fitted with green mallet grips.


  • JP1: German felt over a small wooden core.
    • A great all-purpose stick.
    • Head Size: Ø 42mm
    • Weight (per stick): 35g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: red
    • Core Material: wood
  • JP2German felt over a small felt core.
    • An articulate yet dark sound.
    • Head Size: Ø 42mm
    • Weight (per stick): 35g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: yellow
    • Core Material: felt
  • JP3Small cork core, mushroom wrapped- then covered with German felt.
    • An agile yet warm sound.
    • Head Size: Ø 46mm
    • Weight (per stick): 40g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: light blue
    • Core Material: small cork with mushroom wrap
  • JP4: German felt over a large cork core. An all-purpose heavier European style mallet.
    • This mallet creates a two-tone effect, especially when played-in a little.
    • Head Size: Ø 47mm
    • Weight (per stick): 37g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: royal blue
    • Core Material: large cork
  • JP5Multiple layers of extra-soft German felt over a synthetic core. A silky roll stick with a legato attack.
    • This stick sounds great – there’s nothing like this available!
    • Head Size: Ø 46mm
    • Weight (per stick): 40g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: orange
    • Core Material: synthetic cork
  • JP6Small hard leather discs for extremes in articulation.
    • A great substitute for wood ball mallets, especially on calf skin heads.
    • Head Size: Ø 27mm
    • Weight (per stick): 33g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: brown
    • Core Material: suede leather
  • JP7An innovative combination of layers of leather and flannel.
    • An articulate stick without an extreme edge.
    • Head Size: Ø 28mm
    • Weight (per stick): 34g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: white
    • Core Material: chamois / flannel
  • JP8Small hard flannel discs, stacked tightly for an articulate sound.
    • A traditional European flannel stick.
    • Head Size: Ø 28mm
    • Weight (per stick): 35g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: black
    • Core Material: small flannel
  • JP9Medium sized soft flannel discs. An articulate but warm sounding stick.
    • Perfect for plastic OR calf heads, and excellent for Beethoven.
    • Head Size: Ø 32mm
    • Weight (per stick): 36g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: silver
    • Core Material: medium flannel
  • JP10Large soft flannel discs for a big, dark articulate sound.
    • The possibilities for sound with this stick are endless.
    • Head Size: Ø 35mm
    • Weight (per stick): 40g
    • Length: 14.75″ / 37.5cm
    • Color: gold
    • Core Material: large flannel

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