Innovative Percussion - Wei-Chen Lin Series Concert Marimba Mallets

We are excited to announce our new signature line of marimba mallets designed for Wei-Chen Lin. Currently, he is serving as an Associate Professor at Yulin Normal University in China and formerly served as a percussionist with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

The series includes one bass mallet and five melodic mallets. The legato “Sky Blue” blended yarn creates an incredibly versatile mallet, capable of lush Bach chorales as well as more contemporary articulate passages.

Built on rattan or natural birch shafts, the rubber cores provide a strong fundamental tone with very little contact sound. A very versatile series, the Wei-Chen Lin signature series is designed to bring the most beautiful sounds out of every marimba.


  • Rattan Or Natural Birch Shaft
  • Legato “Sky Blue” Blended Yarn
  • Rubber Core
  • 16 3/4” Total Length
  • Color Tape Indicator


  • WL1: Bass Marimba
  • WL2: Soft
  • WL3: Medium Soft
  • WL4: Medium
  • WL5: Medium Hard
  • WL6: Hard

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