Innovative Percussion - Tom Rarick Series Marching Marimba/Vibraphone Mallets

While the contributions of the front ensemble continue to evolve within the marching idiom, so do the demands of the mallets that are used by their highly talented players. Tom Rarick, percussion arranger for the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps, has assisted Innovative Percussion with the design of this unique series of keyboard mallets.

    The marimba mallets feature large round cores wrapped with a light grey synthetic wool-blend yarn, while the vibraphone mallets have cord-wrapped large oval cores. All 7 models are built on slightly larger (11/32”) polished birch handles. The heavier cores increase projection and enhance the fundamental tone, while the larger handles help balance and control.


    • Heavier cores for increased projection & enhanced fundamental tone
    • Large polished birch handles to assist with balance, control, and durability

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