Innovative Percussion - Sandi Rennick Series Marching Marimba/Xylophone/Vibraphone Mallets

Sandi Rennick is currently the Front Ensemble Arranger for the 9-time DCI World Champion Santa Clara Vanguard.

This series of mallets is constructed with smaller, uniquely weighted cores which produce a more focused sound and puts more weight in the player’s hands. This allows for the sound to speak very quickly and works very well with an amplified keyboard section.

The Sandi Rennick Series models are constructed on birch handle with a matte finish and are wrapped with a synthetic blend yarn durable enough to withstand the environmental conditions of the marching idiom. 

New for 2019 is the Sandi Rennick Series Vibraphone mallets. Sandi wanted a vibraphone mallet unlike anything we currently offer that fit into her ideal ensemble sound. The uniquely weighted synthetic cores help provide a bright tone and keeps the weight more in the player's hands.

This allows for the sound to speak quickly and works well with an amplified front ensemble. All models are built on high quality hand selected rattan that is matched for weight, size, and sound.


  • 16.25" Length
  • Cord wrapped        
  • Rattan shaft
  • Weighted synthetic cores


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