Innovative Percussion - Pius Cheung Series Concert Marimba Mallets

The Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets features six models with rubber cores of varying hardness. Constructed on rattan or birch handles, each model is wrapped with a unique (alpaca-blend) yarn that allows the player to produce atone of gold at extreme dynamic ranges from the utmost silky pianissimo to pesante fortissimo with minimal effort.


  • Rubber cores
  • Rattan or birch handles 
  • Alpaca-blend yarn


  • PIUS1: Soft – Powerful bass mallet for solo playing
  • PIUS2: Medium Soft – Bass mallet for ensemble or concerto playing
  • PIUS3: Medium – General mid-range mallet for solo playing
  • PIUS4: Medium Hard – High-range mallet for solo playing
  • PIUS5: Hard – High-range mallet for ensemble or concerto playing
  • PIUS6: Very Hard – Allows the player to cut through an orchestra/ensemble when needed
  • PIUSGS: Graduated Series for general solo playing, includes a pair of PIUS1 and PIUS4, and 2 pairs of PIUS3

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