Innovative Percussion - NZ-1 Nir Z Signature Drumset Sticks (Hickory)

With the right sticks in hand, a drummer can take their playing to new heights. Innovative Percussion's NZ-1 drum sticks, designed in collaboration with top-flight session drummer Nir Z, provide players with the perfect tool to reach new sonic territory. These hickory drum sticks feature a hand-filling 0.605-inch diameter and a jewel tip. The collarless jewel-shaped tip has lots of sounds on tap, depending on what part of the tip you're playing with. As a bonus, the integrated taper feels amazing to play. Drummers around Sweetwater report that these sticks keep most of the weight in your hands to promote effortless control. If your sound relies upon navigating different timbres, you owe it to yourself to load a pair of NZ-1 sticks in your bag.


  • Versatile sticks from top-flight session drummer Nir Z
  • White hickory delivers strong, dependable performance
  • Jewel tips provide multiple sounds and playing zones
  • Integrated taper gives you more playing area
  • Length: 16.1875 inches
  • Diameter: 0.605 inches


  • Type:Sticks
  • Model:Signature Series Nir Z
  • Material:White Hickory
  • Length:16.1875"
  • Diameter:.605"
  • Tip Material:Wood

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