Innovative Percussion - NM1 Nick Mancini Signature Vibraphone Mallets

Created with the versatile musician in mind, the NM1 Nick Mancini model can be used in various types of musical settings on the vibraphone. Made with extra-durable rattan handles and a large oval shaped rubber core,  the player can easily transfer a great amount of energy into the bar with less effort. The mallet is wrapped with a sage green tightly woven multi-ply cord, and stitched with an orange accent yarn. 

Considered a multi-use mallet, the NM1 is perfect for someone looking to explore a wide variety of styles without having to switch mallets to achieve different sounds.  

  • Large Oval Shaped Rubber Cores  
  • Extra-Durable Rattan Handles
  • Tightly Woven Multi-ply Cord           
  • Orange Accent Stitching

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