Innovative Percussion - Field Series FS-1 Marching Snare Drum Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion's line of Marching Snare Drum Drumsticks includes Jim Casella, Shane Gwaltney, Ike Jackson, Bret Kuhn, Paul Rennick, and Tom Rarick models


  • Heartwood Hickory
  • Oval Bead
  • Short Taper
  • Length: 17"
  • Diameter: .698"

The FS-1 is constructed of heartwood hickory. This wood results in a denser and slightly heavier stick with excellent durability and increased response. The FS-1 is designed with a comfortable thickness for any age level and a short taper for increased control and balance. The oval bead creates a full sound and excellent rebound. The FS-1 is perfect for marching snare drummers of any age.

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