Innovative Percussion - Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets

Innovative Percussion is extremely proud to introduce the new Jauvon Gilliam Series Timpani Mallets. The series features a totally new look on a classic implement.  All six models are constructed with a stained black bamboo shaft and are wrapped with a black German "Midnight" felt.  The series is built to be agile like a European mallet but have the presence of an American mallet. Each stick has a clean attack to help produce a clear, immediate pitch and a warm tone allowing you to easily support an ensemble's sound and blend. 

JMG-1: Large roller mallet featuring a wood core with black German felt cover
JMG-2: Bold, wooden core with black German felt cover
JMG-3: Medium general mallet, wooden core with black German felt cover
JMG-4: Medium hard mallet. Hard felt core with black German felt cover
JMG-5: Hard mallet, wooden core with black German felt cover
JMG-6: Articulate mallet, Wooden core with premium felt cover


Model Features Description by Jauvon Gilliam
"The Sumo"
  • Soft
  • Bold/Smooth
  • Red Indicator
Soft but firm, the Sumo is the perfect stick for both buttery smooth rolls and juicy single notes; no need to switch sticks. The sticks work really well for loud rolls, too - keep your grip loose and lift high, and let the sticks do the work for you.
"The O.G."
  • Soft General
  • Clean/Bold
  • Blue Indicator
This “go-to” stick was designed in homage to my teacher Paul Yancich, timpanist of The Cleveland Orchestra and the Original Gangster of American timpani playing for my generation. His silky sound is one I've modeled my palette after the most. This large core stick gets a lot of sound out of the drum without a lot of work. And yes, he even chuckled at the name.
"The Bus Driver"
  • General
  • Lean/Clean
  • Yellow Indicator
One of the best descriptions of the job of a timpanist?  We "drive the bus." Truer words have never been spoken, and this stick is designed to do just that. Don't let the small-ish core size fool you - these versatile sticks can make things happen!
"The Bunny
  • Medium Hard
  • Bright/Clear
  • Pink Indicator
Light and very agile (hence the name), this stick is the only one that's not a wood core. With a compressed felt core, the Bunny Rabbit works really well when rolls and rhythms are in succession, as well as for Mendelssohn and his contemporaries.
"The Catch
  • Hard
  • Clean/Warm
  • Green Indicator
A stick that's hard and soft at the same time? Bingo. From late classical to the 21st-century seven-drum headache, this stick will get the job done. I chose to use German felt hard side out, so that it retains some of its warmth, while still being an articulate stick.
"The Bar
  • Articulate
  • Hard/Clean
  • White Indicator
I married into a family of lawyers, so I've definitely heard my share of stories about how hard the Bar Exam is, just like this stick. When the utmost clarity is necessary, this stick works very well.

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