Innovative Percussion - IP803 Mark Ford Medium Hard Legato Marimba Mallets

The Innovative Percussion Mark Ford Legato Series is designed to produce smooth, connected lines at all volumes on marimba! The IP803 Medium Hard Yarn Marimba mallets feature rubber cores wrapped in "softer-than-normal" yarn that helps eliminate contact sound, emphasizing the tone and resonance of marimba. The IP803 use unfinished birch shafts that provide extra grip for maximum control, helping performers create seamless musical lines

The IP803 is the medium hard mallet in the Legato Series, allowing more articulation at the middle to upper registers of marimba.

  • Medium Hard Plush Yarn for Smooth Articulations
  • Unfinished Birch Shafts
  • Rubber Cores for Warm Sounds
  • Designed for Middle/Upper Ranges

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