Innovative Percussion - Field Series FS-TR Tom Rarick Marching Snare Drum Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion's line of Marching Snare Drum Drumsticks includes Jim Casella, Shane Gwaltney, Ike Jackson, Bret Kuhn, Paul Rennick, and Tom Rarick models.


  • White Hickory
  • Diameter .704"
  • Round bead
  • 17" Length

New to Innovative Percussion for 2019, the FS-TR Tom Rarick marching drum stick. The original idea was to design a marching stick that wasn't too front heavy and lends itself well to both snare drum and tenor drums. The stick is built with a compact round bead and features a gradual taper. These features help the stick to be agile and more responsive off the head. The FS-TR is built for the current marching market and the demands that are placed on modern day performers.

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