Innovative Percussion - Eriko Daimo Mallets

The Eriko Daimo Signature Series Marimba Mallets from Innovative Percussion feature eight mallets of varying hardness, including two models specifically designed for articulate playing. Models 1-6 feature a custom blended yarn wrap, while the articulate models 7 & 8 are tightly wrapped with a durable synthetic cord.  All models are constructed on rattan handles.




  • Graduated rubber cores specifically weighted for balance and sound

  • Rattan Handles

  • Synthetic blend yarn wrap

  • 17” Total Length


  • Graduated Rubber Cores

  • Rattan Handles

  • Tightly wrapped with durable synthetic cord

  • 15-5/8” Total Length



  • ERIKO1 Eriko Daimo Ultra Bass Marimba (Rattan)

  • ERIKO2 Eriko Daimo Bass Marimba Mallets (Rattan)

  • ERIKO3 Eriko Daimo Medium Soft Marimba Mallets (Rattan)

  • ERIKO4 Eriko Daimo Medium Marimba (Rattan)

  • ERIKO5 Eriko Daimo Medium Hard Marimba Mallets (Rattan)

  • ERIKO6 Eriko Daimo Hard Marimba Marimba Mallets (Rattan)

  • ERIKO7 Eriko Daimo Cord Wrapped Medium Hard Marimba Mallets (Rattan)

  • ERIKO8 Eriko Daimo Cord Wrapped Hard Marimba Mallets (Rattan)


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