Innovative Percussion - Ed Soph Maple Signature Drumset Drumsticks

As the first Drumset Series models ever introduced for Innovative Percussion, the Ed Soph drumsticks are available in maple for combo or small group playing or white hickory for big band playing and feature an acorn-shaped bead for clarity on drums and cymbals.

Innovative Percussion's line of Drumset Drumsticks includes Ed Soph, Bob Breithaupt, Joey Waronker, Chad Wackerman, Sheila E., Chris McHugh, Jimmy DeGrasso, Marcus Gilmore, Nir Z, James Gadson, John "JR" Robinson, Seth Rausch, and Brooks Wackerman models


  • ES-1: Maple (Jazz)
  • ES-2: Hickory (Big Band)
  • Acorn-shaped bead
  • Length: 16 1/8"
  • Diameter: .545"

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