Innovative Percussion - Concert Series Bass Drum Mallets

The Concert Series Bass Drum Mallets/Beaters are beautifully handcrafted and uniquely designed, making them essential implements for today’s most discriminating percussionist. These mallets feature large red oak handles for improved control and a brass ring for added weight to bring out the true fundamental in any size bass drum.

The CB-1, CB-2, and CB-3 feature solid wood cores and thick synthetic felt liners and covers for a full dark tone quality, while the CB-4’s unique flexible synthetic ball head results in excellent articulation and punch, with no contact noise.

The CB-5 “cartwheel style” rollers feature smaller red oak handles for greater balance and control, and are specifically designed for rolled passages.

The CB-6 features a solid wood core with a felt liner and a chamois covering to produce a large sound with a very defined articulation.


  • 1” Red Oak Handles
  • Brass Ring for Added Weight
  • Solid Wood Cores (CB-1, CB-2, CB-3, CB-6)
  • Flexible Synthetic Ball Head (CB-4)
  • Synthetic Felt Covers and Liners (CB-1, CB-2, CB-3)
  • Chamois Cover and Felt Liner (CB-6)
  • Polished Lacquer Finish

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