Innovative Percussion - Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series Concert Snare Drum Drumsticks

Designed to the exact specifications of Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussionist with the New York Philharmonic, this series has been created specifically for the orchestral snare drummer.


Model Features Description
  • Maple
  • Bulleted Barrel Shaped Bead
  • Long Taper
  • Length: 16 15/16"
  • Diameter: .660
The CL-1 is constructed of high quality maple and features a long taper for a great feel and quick response. The bullet shaped bead creates a full dark sound at pianissimo to mezzo-forte volume levels.
  • Laminated Beech
  • Barrel-shaped Bead
  • Long Taper
  • Length: 16 7/8"
  • Diameter: .660" 
The highly popular CL-1L, now built with laminated beech, has been crafted into a bolder and more daring stick. While the specs remain the same as the original version, the heavier material enables the stick to act with a much livelier feel. The original profile still features a long taper and a barrel-shaped bead for a signature, full sound.
  • Laminated Beech
  • Elongated Oval Bead
  • Extended Taper
  • Length: 17"
  • Diameter: .645"
The CL-2L features an extended taper and elongated bead resulting in a darker, more legato sound and greater sustain. The unique design works extremely well for roll passages on a wide variety of drums, snares on or off, and for orchestral tenor drum passages. The added weight of the laminated beech assists in the execution of these excerpts.
  • Laminated Beech
  • Small Round Bead
  • Quick Taper
  • Length: 16"
  • Diameter: .625"
The CL-3L is slightly modified from the original model. The new design features a slimmer diameter, quick taper, and small round bead. These features, along with the heavier laminated beech, assist the player in executing the most detailed passages with the utmost clarity.
  • Laminated Beech
  • Bullet-shaped Bead
  • Long Taper
  • Length: 16 7/8”
  • Diameter: .620”
The CL-4L is a bit more compact than the CL-1L but still serves as a lively and versatile stick. The heavier weight and high density of the laminated beech give the stick a quick and lively response, while the long taper and bullet-shaped bead give a full, round sound. 

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