Innovative Percussion - Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series Concert Bass Drum Beaters

The bass drum mallets in this new line have been engineered carefully with weight distribution thoughtfully considered. Some are designed to be nimble in the hand and snappy off the drum while others are intended to allow a lingering weight at impact. In all cases, they will address the feel you are looking for and the sounds you are imagining.


Model Description
CL-BD1 “Big Beater” This large, top heavy mallet will give the big boom required by the music.  Don’t push this mallet – just flex the wrist and let the top end work for you.
CL-BD2 “General” This multiple use mallet cannot only roll and sustain but also provide single notes prior to and at the end of rolls.  The contour of the handle allows the player to move his/her hand to the correct balance point for the particular passage.
CL-BD3 “Igor” This maroon punchy assistant to the Big Beater gives a bit more bite at impact and is slightly harder and drier – less boom, more punch.
CL-BD4 “Legato Igor” The thin German felt white cover mixes the boom of the Big Beater with a short, thick grip and punchy core. This mallet can work faster than the master Big Beater but still has the fullness needed. 
CL-BD5 “Little Igor” This little monster mixes everything from the Big Beater and Igor and steps out on its own with a tapered handle to add quickness to the stroke and a smaller, yet harder core with a black felt finish.
CL-BD6 “Saturn” This mid-size mallet lends itself to many creative opportunities on the bass drum.  The carefully crafted handle allows for the effort and activity to take place at the top of the mallet; it can be used to roll or play broad articulated patterns and medium weight single notes.
CL-BD7 “Maximus” Quite simply, this wooden mallet was created with a top heavy concept to get the most body and depth out of the drum as possible. The wood core naturally creates that uniquely raw impact sound, but the added weight gives it more depth.
CL-BD8 “Light Rollers” (Pair) This lightweight pair of rollers is built with an elongated core to increase surface contact in order to create a featherweight sustain or mid-range hum from the bass drum.
CL-BD9 “Rogue” (Pair) These hard core mallets remove the edginess of the Classic Wood model and fill out the more subtle rhythmic passages.  Once again, the tapered handles add an element of dexterity that supports a lightning response required by many parts.
CL-BD10 “Little Punk” (Pair)
These are a truncated version of the Little Igor with added swiftness to the reaction time. Because of the size, they lend themselves to a number of multi drum set up possibilities. 
"Rite Stix"
This model features a chamois covered head with an extended handle.  The middle balance point provides a clear and strict feel for quick moving passages.
CL-BD12 “Classic Wood”  (Pair)
These workers trim down the sound of a single wood core and do the fine work of the Maximus but with more detail and finesse.


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