Innovative Percussion - Christopher Lamb Orchestral Series Concert Bass Drum Beaters

The bass drum mallets in this new line have been engineered carefully with weight distribution thoughtfully considered. Some are designed to be nimble in the hand and snappy off the drum while others are intended to allow a lingering weight at impact. In all cases, they will address the feel you are looking for and the sounds you are imagining.


Model Description
This model offers more than one would expect. The General can roll and sustain, but it can also assist with single notes that may come before and/or after rolled passages. Too often, mallets are thought of as having only one task in mind, but this pair defines the name “General” and works the entire bass drum terrain of rolls, single notes, and slow tempo rhythms. The contour of the handle assists with the top heavy aspect and allows the player to move up and down as needed. Use the weight of the mallet head and don’t fight it - let it go and roll evenly.  The stick will do the rest however it begins or ends.
"Legato Igor"
The thin German felt white cover mixes the boom of the Big Beater with a short, thick grip and punchy core. This mallet can work faster than the master Big Beater but still has the fullness needed. 
Saturn pulls us in a number of unearthly directions. It has a carefully crafted handle so as to allow for all the effort and activity to take place at the top. This mid-size pair lends itself to a lot of creative opportunities on the bass drum. The very feel of the mallet is the start of the creative process. It can roll; it can play broad articulated patterns and even works for medium weight single strokes. The possibilities are beyond any singular design concept. 
"Light Rollers"
In this line of paired mallets, these truly stand out as intended for rolling. They are a light pair with an elongated core to increase the surface contact. They are not particularly top heavy but create a featherweight sustain or mid-range hum from the bass drum. Sustaining a sound is what they are designed for, and they finish out the collection of mallet pairs.
"Rite Stix"
No bass drum stick collection should be without the chamois option. There’s just something about the feel of a calf head and the texture of the chamois covering that has both warmth and articulation. The extended stick length and mid-shaft balance give it a clear and strict feel for quick moving passages.

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