Innovative Percussion - Artisan Series Concert Marimba Mallets

The Artisan Series is a 14-mallet series, featuring 7 models on cedar and 7 models on rattan. Between each model, there is a consistent change in hardness and in tone. All mallets are wrapped with a high strength synthetic yarn for durability. 


  • Cedar or Rattan Handle
  • Synthetic Yarn
  • Colored Circle Stichting
  • Graduated Rubber Cores
  • 17" Total Length
Model Features Description
IP5000-MT (Multi Tone)
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5000-MT); Rattan (IP5000-MTR)
  • Royal Blue Yarn
  • Yellow Circle Stichting
The outer layer of this mallet offers warmth at lower dynamic volumes, and the inner core provides a bright articulation at higher dynamics.
IP5001 (Soft)
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5001); Rattan (IP5001R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Navy Circle Stichting
This mallet offers soft rolls and lines in the lower register with a full-bodied sound.
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5002); Rattan (IP5002R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Purple Circle Stichting
Similar to the IP5001 but with a more distinguished attack and slightly clearer projection. 
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5003); Rattan (IP5003R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Green Circle Stichting
This mallet is ideal for strong resonant sounds without harsh attacks.
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5004); Rattan (IP5004R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Royal Blue Circle Stichting
This is the standard for general mallet performance that covers all registers of the instrument and produces a strong, clear, and powerful sound.
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5005); Rattan (IP5005R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Light Blue Circle Stichting
This mallet is not too hard but always very clear and strong. It is ideal for strong contemporary and expressive performances. 
  • Shaft: Cedar (IP5006); Rattan (IP5006R)
  • Light Gray Yarn
  • Red Circle Stitching
For a harder sound to cut through a large ensemble, the IP5006 is built to pull out all the fundamentals yet still project them to the furthest points in a concert hall. 

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