Grover Pro - Large Granadillo Castanets

Frustrated by having to choose between castanets that sound good but have no adjustment, and others which have adjustable tension but lack clarity and richness of sound?

¡Olé! Then our Pro Concert Castanets are for you! Discover the only internal-tension castanets designed for professional percussionists.


  • Solid granadillo Uniblock construction (all 4 clappers cut from same block)
  • Invisible tension adjustment system
  • Unobtrusive micro-adjust knob, out of the way of grip area
  • Internal spring tensioning mechanism (not elastic)
  • Comfortable lightweight handle
  • Free protective covers and case
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

These are the cleanest sounding, easiest playing castanets you’ll ever experience! (And YES, you can play redoble rolls…)

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