Griego - Toby Oft (Griego-Oft Classic Series) Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

Toby Oft's classic mouthpiece line started from using the rim he had used for quite a while, and figuring out what cup depth gave him the ability to color the notes appropriately while maintaining his sound presence in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The mouthpiece uses the light artist blank and has a medium depth cup. The Classic line uses larger throats than the newer Oft line


Oft Small Bore Tenor/Alto Classic

The original custom alto mouthpiece by Christan Griego and Toby Oft, this mouthpiece is designed to make response and easy tone production a breeze. The blank is lighter, which allows a wide variety of colors to be chosen from and used within the sound palate. This piece soars in the upper register, providing brilliance when pushed. It is most often used for middle Romantic repertoire like Schubert and Brahms.

Cup Diameter: 1.004"
Throat: .226"
Oft Large Bore Classic 3.5 Cup Diameter: 1.028"
Throat: .282"

Oft Large Bore Classic 4
Cup Diameter: 1.022"
Throat: .281"

Oft Large Bore Classic 4.5 Cup Diameter: 1.014"
Throat: .281"
Oft Large Bore Classic 5

Cup Diameter: 1.004"
Throat: .280"

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