Griego - David Taylor Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

Griego's latest bass trombone mouthpiece line was developed for David Taylor. Regardless of size, each of these models offer the sound and feel characteristics required by Dave to accomplish his craft. They offer balanced tonality and compression across the registers and project without losing body or resonance. Attacks are lightning quick. Simply put, these mouthpieces perform!

Excitement and energy are often lost with many pieces. That's not the case with the David Taylor line. Griego are happy to bring to you equipment capable of producing a high level of intensity. 

Model Features
Dave Taylor 1.75 Cup Diameter: 1.080"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.535"
Throat: .317"
Dave Taylor 1.5 Cup Diameter: 1.097"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.550"
Throat: .317"
Dave Taylor 1.25 Cup Diameter: 1.114"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.568"
Throat: .316"
Dave Taylor 1 Cup Diameter: 1.132"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.585"
Throat: .316"
Dave Taylor .5 Cup Diameter: 1.141"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.595"
Throat: .316"
Dave Taylor 0 Cup Diameter: 1.150"
Rim Outer Diameter: 1.603"
Throat: .316"

About Griego

Griego Mouthpieces designs and manufactures a complete line of authentic, inspired, performance equipment for orchestral, commercial and jazz musicians. They are a family-owned company committed to designing and producing the best equipment imaginable.

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