Griego - Brian Hecht Orchestral Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

The Orchestral Model mouthpiece was arrived at after several years of trying various mouthpieces with the goal of a big, warm sound that can hug the low brass in resonance. This mouthpiece truly fits that description in every way. It naturally provides the breadth of sound needed to provide a solid foundation in the bottom of any trombone section. It’s sound can carry through the orchestra without protruding from the ensemble’s overall sound. On this mouthpiece, I feel that I can achieve any dynamic I want without damaging the beauty of the tone. It is the perfect mouthpiece for any orchestral setting.


Orchestral Model 0

  • Cup Diameter: 1.160”
  • Throat: .314”

    Orchestral Model 1

    • Cup Diameter: 1.100”
    • Throat: .316

    Orchestral Model 1.25

    • Cup Diameter: 1.0825"
    • Throat: .316”

    Orchestral Model 1.5

    • Cup Diameter: 1.065”
    • Throat: .316”

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