Griego - Brian Hecht Recital Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

The Recital Model mouthpiece was developed to showcase a broad spectrum of overtones in my sound. I wanted a mouthpiece that would allow me maximum freedom of expression and choice of color when performing different solo repertoire. This mouthpiece is the perfect combination of a broad, beautiful sound with just the right amount of response to allow for the performer to have total control of their harmonics and articulation. Be ready to experience a huge palette of sound and articulation options with this mouthpiece that will allow you to create a masterpiece in your performance.


Recital Model 0

  • Cup Diameter: 1.160”
  • Throat: .314

Recital Model 1

  • Cup Diameter: 1.100”
  • Throat: .314”

Recital Model 1.25

  • Cup Diameter: 1.0825"
  • Throat: .314”

Recital Model 1.5

  • Cup Diameter: 1.065”
  • Throat: .314”

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