Denis Wick - DW5513 - Straight Mute for Euphonium

Denis Wick originally designed this mute for the best-selling Besson euphonium and it has been a favourite mute for euphonium players ever since. Steven Mead uses it for the majority of the solo works, and it is the mute of choice for all those that need a mute capable of a real metallic sound (especially works like theHallows Concerto by Rolf Rudin and Martin Ellerby’sEuphonium Concerto). Played strongly, this mute is capable of incredible telling projection with an even sound through the range, including the very highest notes. There is no other euphonium mute with this unique tone colour and that has really minimal resistance.


    Weight: 0.99kg
    Dimensions: 43.99 × 27.99 × 27.99 cm

    About Denis Wick mutes

    Denis Wick mutes have set the standard for tone and intonation for many years. They bring an amazing range of tone colours to any brass section and are essential for the performance of a huge range of music, from classical composers such as Mahler and Shostakovich to film scores, avant-garde music, big bands and small group jazz.

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