Conn-Selmer - Prelude AS710 Student Alto Saxophone

Perfect Beginners Instrument

This Conn-Selmer instrument has been hailed as a fantastic beginners alto sax, which could be suitable for performers up to a grade 6 standard. It boasts great intonation, a fantastic sound, and a really competitive price tag, making it a brilliant choice as a first instrument, which will last a long time before a step-up instrument is required.

Thoughtful Design

This yellow brass-bodied saxophone has been ribbed with a reinforced bell section to give strength to the instrument. This in turn gives a more resonant sound, which is very helpful for beginner saxophonists. Leather pads and metal resonators give a huge sound and a great seal, making it great for beginners to help produce a great tone. The thumb rest is also adjustable, allowing small hands to reach all the desired notes for saxophonists.

Everything You Need

Not only is there a fantastic instrument on offer, but included in this package are a gig bag, mouthpiece, and cork grease. The gig bag is suitable for transporting the saxophone around and with the shoulder straps, it's really easy. The PRIMO is the perfect all-around mouthpiece for students and professionals alike. It gives a great tone and flexibility of the range. It also includes the ligature and cap as standard.


  • Body Material: Yellow Brass, Clear Lacquer Finish
  • Keys: High F#, C# - Bb Table Key
  • Keys Finish: Brass
  • Toneholes: Undercut
  • Thumb Hook: Adjustable
  • Key: Eb

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