C.G. Conn - SC650 Curved Soprano Saxophone

Step into the world of quality saxophones. The Conn SC650 soprano saxophone is an instrument that will comfortably take you to a Grade 5 standard. To ensure that your tone is always warm and rounded, the Conn SC650 is made from quality yellow brass. Yellow brass is the material of choice for the majority of saxophones thanks to the versatile acoustic properties that it offers. So whether you're playing in a classical or pop environment, the SC650 will always blend with those around you. Once the Conn SC650 has been finished, a layer of gold lacquer is applied to give a professional appearance.


  • Key: Bb
  • Range: Low Bb - High F#
  • Body: Brass
  • Bow: Brass
  • Bell: Brass
  • Keys: Brass
  • Finish: Gold Lacquer
  • Neck: Brass
  • Included Accessories: Lightweight Case with Backpack Straps and a Mouthpiece

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