Breathtaking - Lithe Premium II Saxophone Straps (2023 Limited Edition Colours)

2023 Limited Edition Colours

  • Indigo  KOJIMA denim
  • Silver  HAKU leather
  • Gold  HAKU leather
  • Black  HAKU leather

Breathtaking have selected KOJIMA denim and HAKU leather for this year’s selection.
Light not only in looks but also in feel, a very appealing match!

KOJIMA GENES is based in Kojima, Okayama and is globally recognized as the birthplace of Japanese denim and dubbed the “Denim Mecca.”
The denim has been treated with water repellent for added durability.
We’ve added red tabs and leather stamps to the strap as you’d find on standard jeans evoking fashion while enhancing the colors of the different hues of blues for a light and familiar impression.

Back by popular demand, the Shiny series returns with a fresh redesign!
We applied shrink processing to the high-end HAKU leather. The Silver and Gold designs subtly display the stars while the Black brings it more forward as an accent.

The 4 reasons that lead to:— a deeper breath— a lighter feel— a richer sound

1) Avoids pulling on the neck

Designed to sit on the outer line of the shoulders, the strap frees the neck from the weight of the instrument(s).

2) Constriction-free playing

By utilizing the Front Bar, the neck becomes free from constriction.

3) Opens the chest and improves alignment

By employing a design conducive to maintaining proper posture, the chest area becomes free in performance.

4) Distributes the weight of the instrument

Supple genuine leather and the side Auxiliary Strap help relieve the weight of the instrument from the body.


1) Outer Leather・Fabric

  •  We chose optimal materials through a discriminatory process with emphasis on resonance and fitment properties.

2) Inner Leather

  • Garment leather is used to simulate a soft and floating impression.

3) Front Bar

  • With a calculated length to minimize overall stress on the body, the Front Bar can be easily adjusted to the preference of the player.*patent obtained

4) Adjuster

  • A triangular shape to quickly make adjustments, employing a zigzag cut on both sides to prevent slippage.

5) Hook

  • We chose materials that are crucial to the resultant resonance of sound and coated it with an original formula.

6) Auxiliary Strap

  • The downward pull of the back portion of strap and the resulting friction helps keep the strap in optimal playing position. For the ribbon portion, we chose materials that have a soft, pleasant touch on the body that moves freely with the player’s body motions. *patent obtained


*Product will no longer be in production once sold out.

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