Boston Sax Shop - Superlative Tenor Saxophone Ligature

The impetus for Superlative Ligature literally started as a midnight sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin at the NAAM show in 2018. I wanted to create something solid, practical, vintage inspired and a yet fresh offering for saxophone players. The design language draws from my favorite three ligatures from the past: The Selmer ‘2 Screw’, Magnitone and Harrison. The result of 2 years of prototyping and listening to the feedback of some of the most notable saxophonists in the world is the Superlative Ligature. It features a single piece body design made up of 3 distinct radiuses that allow for plenty of reed/mouthpiece vibration while being solid and stable fitting on the mouthpiece. The laser cut reed contact plate grips evenly while giving the middle section of the reed room to breathe, as this is a common area for a new reed to swell, creating the optimum seal. The two screw inverted orientation is simple and ergonomic.

The Superlative Ligature fits the following hard rubber mouthpieces and similar models to:

  • Otto Link
  • D’Addario
  • Selmer
  • Jody Jazz
  • Theo Wanne
  • Ted Klum
  • Mouthpiece Cafe
  • Johaness Gerber
  • Retro Revival
  • 10M Fan


  • 18K Gold Plated

This gold ligature is richly finished in 18K gold with a 999 silver under-plating

  • Silver Plated

This silver plated ligature is double plated with 999 Silver

  • Brass

Each bare brass ligature will patina to a unique and beautiful finish over time.

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