Boston Sax Shop - R-Series Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

‘Inspired by the past, crafted for the future’

There is something very intriguing about large chamber tenor saxophone mouthpieces. When they are right, they offer an incredible amount of spread and flexibility in tone that just can’t be beat.

However! Finding that perfect piece in vintage form and in a more modern tip size can be a challenge. Personally, I struggled for years to find a Reso Chamber model Link that once opened up retained all the characteristics and potential that I knew these pieces could have. Throughout the years of hunting, purchasing and paying for refacing I only lucked out on one! Inspired by that piece I spent the better part of a year to re-imagine it with power of CNC technology and after many prototypes, found that perfect balance of baffle profile for the larger chamber in bigger than vintage tip sizes. The R-Series is the large chamber mouthpiece for the modern player.

For me, the R-Series is simply put: lush. Yes, I know thats an esoteric word but I really think it fits! The large chamber provides a free and spread sound and the medium roll over baffle gives it plenty of power to project without losing the warmth and width of the tonal center.

As always, each Boston Sax Shop mouthpiece is hand finished in post CNC production and play-tested to my exacting standards here at the shop.


  • 7* (.105")
  • 8* (.115")

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