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The Heritage Tenor Saxophone neck was conceived from my twin passions; restoring vintage saxophones and playing them. I have had the privilege as a repairman to examine and test hundreds of vintage necks and put into the concept of the Heritage little pieces of my favorite attributes from each one that I found to be exceptional. A significant amount of influence for this neck comes from the free blowing characteristics I have found in earlier Selmers such as the Radio Improved and Balanced Action horns which have higher neck angles. These models are getting harder and harder to find and often people prefer their sound but not their ergonomics, so I set out to produce a neck that would allow players to experience the magic of these older saxophones on more standard horns. After several years of measuring and adjusting neck angles, and many prototypes, the Heritage neck was born.

The Heritage neck plays with more flexibility and has more width to the sound than a standard Mark VI or VI style neck without sacrificing control or pitch. Due to its higher neck angle It also gives the feeling of blowing more downward into the horn which decreases resistance. I find the Heritage neck offers the player more room to push and opens up the middle register which is often more covered on tenor, producing a more homogenous sound across the horn. It is my dream neck and I am proud to share it with you!

-Jack Finucane, owner and repair technician

Each bare brass neck will form its own naturally beautiful patina over time and handling. The Heritage neck is precision made to exacting tolerances to ensure consistency and are individually hand engraved.

Each neck includes a complimentary in house custom fitting to your horn. If you wish to order a neck to try at home please select your saxophone type and follow up by contacting me for additional fitting information. We have machined custom fitting dies that allow us to size any neck to the following models:

  • All vintage Selmer models
  • All current production Selmer models
  • Yanagisawa
  • Yamaha
  • P. Mauriat
  • Cannonball
  • Eastman
  • All other Taiwanese made saxophones


    • Silver plated
    • Bare Brass

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