Boston Sax Shop - E-Series Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

The E Series is the all-rounder, the piece that can both cut through a loud band but still whisper subtone on a ballad. Inspired by the tonal characteristics of the coveted ‘Early Babbit’ transitional Links I really wanted to find that perfect balance of brilliance and warmth that the best vintage ones have. The end result (after many many prototypes) ended up with a interior profile that utilizes a unique longer roll over baffle. As opposed to the shorter and higher baffles found in the vintage models, I find the gentle roll over shape to provides an equal amount of power without sacrificing evenness which is so important to me. The end result is once again, incredibly versatile: punchy, warm and easy to play!


  • 7* (.105")
  • 8* (.115")

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