Bach - Trumpet Heavy Gold Trim

The Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Gold Trim Kit is specially designed to enhance the beauty of silver-plated Bach Stradivarius trumpets and cornets. The Bach Strad Gold Trim Kit features gold plated finger buttons, valve stems, top and bottom valve caps, water key, stop rod, and stop rod nuts. The Gold Trim Kit also includes a water key spring, set screws, and an Allen wrench to aid in installation.


  • Contents:
  • 3 stems
  • 3 finger buttons
  • 3 top valve caps
  • 3 bottom valve caps
  • 1 water key
  • 1 water key screw
  • 1 stop rod
  • 3 stop rod nuts
  • 1 water key spring
  • 2 set screws
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 6 felts

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