Bach - Model 19072X Stradivarius - Bb Trumpet

Introducing the new 19072X, a masterpiece born from collaboration with top artists. Experience the signature Bach sound and irresistible sizzle loved by commercial players. With lightweight nickel slides and a true French bead bell, the sound remains pure even at extreme dynamics. It combines iconic vintage features and a modern, precise leadpipe. Bach's Research & Development team's meticulous work has created a valve cluster with faster response and a vibrant tone. Indulge in the unbeatable sound of Bach.

ntroducing the 19072X, a trumpet that embodies pure pleasure. Built on an ML .459" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters and lightweight nickel inner slides, it boasts unparalleled craftsmanship. The Mt. Vernon weight, side seam #72 bell in yellow brass showcases a true French bead, capturing techniques and materials from the nostalgic 1950s. Enjoy exceptional projection, as the French bead carries the sound forward to enrapture the audience.

The wide wrap nickel Z braces harmonize with the large #72 bell, producing a broad and sizzling tone that effortlessly soars above the clamor of even the loudest bands or amplifiers. With a #43 leadpipe in gold brass and lightweight nickel inner slides, combined with the Mt. Vernon weight and French bead bell, a brilliant and electric sound resonates with sheer brilliance. The clear lacquer finish adds a touch of subtle warmth to the overall sonic experience.

Versatility is its forte, as the 19072X excels in all musical domains, offering a truly free-blowing brilliance. Renowned artists like Melvin Jones and Francisco Dimas have made it their instrument of choice, performing alongside legends like Stevie Wonder, Usher, and KC & the Sunshine Band. Immerse yourself in the delight of the 19072X, a true masterpiece for the discerning musician.


  • Standard weight two-piece valve block with nickel balusters, brass outer slides, nickel inner slides, brass top, and bottom caps
  • One-piece, side seam, Mt. Vernon weight #72 bell with a French bead in yellow brass
  • Wide wrap with nickel Z braces
  • Updated #43 leadpipe in gold brass provides an easy and free-blowing brilliance
  • .459" ML bore
  • New brass finger hook design inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon, and Elkhart eras
  • Brass 1st slide hook
  • 3rd slide stop rod
  • Laser engraved bell
  • Clear lacquer or silver plated finish
  • Artists Performing on this instrument: Melvin Jones, Francisco Dimas

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