Alliance - Standard Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces

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Size 4: Perfect for orchestral first trombone. Deep cup and larger bore for improved projection and tone.

Cup Diameter: 25.75 mm
Cup: Standard
Comparison: Denis Wick 5AL

Size 5:Rich, compact sound with an even tone quality. Ideal for concert band and brass band players. Medium shallow cup for improved high register.

Cup Diameter: 25.5 mm
Rim: 6.75 mm
Bore: 7.2 mm
Cup: Standard
Comparison: Denis Wick 6BL

Size 7: Easy response with a brilliant high register. Great mouthpiece for high playing and alto trombone.

Cup Diameter: 25 mm
Cup: Medium
Comparison: Denis Wick 9BS

Size 8: Perfect for lead players in a big band. A great jazz mouthpiece. Wide rim for endurance and a clear, resonant high register.

Cup Diameter: 24.5 mm
Cup: Shallow
Comparison: Denis Wick 12CS

Size 6S: Similar to a 6 but with a small shank. A great mouthpiece for medium bore trombones.

Cup Diameter: 25.4 mm
Rim: 7 mm
Bore: 6.74 mm
Cup: Standard
Comparison: Denis Wick 7CS

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