Alliance - Prestige Trumpet Mouthpieces

Size 2: Prestige size 2 is developed with Jamie Prophet of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. V-shaped cup.

Cup Diameter: 17.25 mm
Rim: 5.38 mm
Bore: 3.8 mm
Cup: Deep
Comparison: Warburton 2

Size 3: A very popular model – full sounding and open. Good for all-round use.

Cup Diameter: 17 mm
Rim: 5.35 mm
Bore: 3.9 mm
Cup: Standard
Comparison: Warburton 3MD/Bach 1C

Size 5: Cornet players dream crossover mouthpiece.

Cup Diameter: 16.75 mm
Rim: 5.38 mm
Bore: 3.7 mm
Cup: Deep
Comparison: Denis Wick 3 rim with deep cup

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