JodyJazz - DV HR Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

The DV HR is very free blowing, with all the power you will ever need, along with that big bottom that the DVs are famous for. But now you get all of that in a hard rubber mouthpiece, which gives you the shape and size in your mouth that you are used to with the added warmth and beauty of Rubber.

Alto sax players need a mouthpiece that lets them cut through when they need it but is not too shrill and can still play a pretty ballad. To some degree we are all looking for that versatility in one mouthpiece. The DV HR Alto is that mouthpiece. Play one note and we think you will be instantly convinced.

Patented DV Design + The Warmth & Feel of Hard Rubber

The DV HR Alto uses the patented DV secondary window to add mid and low harmonics to the sound, giving it some tenor sax characteristics resulting in a more authoritative tone than normal alto mouthpieces provide. The proportions of the DV HR are derived from the Golden Mean Proportions found in nature. When applied to a saxophone mouthpiece Jody Espina found a magical set of proportions that have made the DV Series mouthpieces one of the most sought-after mouthpieces in the world. Now those magical proportions are available in a hard rubber mouthpiece.The facing curve is inspired by the golden mean as are many of the design decisions of the mouthpiece. The result is a harmonious invention that provides ease of playing while allowing for beautiful musical expression.

Math & Music Make Sublime Art

With the new DV HR Alto model, JodyJazz is also introducing its newest bite plate technology. The DV HR Alto is the first JodyJazz hard rubber mouthpiece to feature a bite plate embedded into the beak of the mouthpiece. The plate features the iconic "Phiâ" symbol logo in gold, a characteristic of the classic DV series, completing the stunning look of this new mouthpiece. The new bite plate is not only beautiful but is also functional however we do recommend using a mouthpiece cushion on top of the bite plate for comfort of the player and longevity of the bite plate.

Free Blowing Power, with a Big Fat Versatile Sound

The DV HR Alto features a stylized gold-plated brass ring on the shank of the mouthpiece. The distinctive profile of the ring was created also using the golden mean proportions. The brass ring adds more mass on the shank of the mouthpiece which results in increased stability, more body in the sound and increased harmonics.

Does Not Include Ligature

This mouthpiece does not come with a ligature or a cap. Your current ligature (if you have a hard rubber mouthpiece) should fit, but for upgrades on the ligature you can look here at our POWER RING Ligatures. The POWER RING AS1 Gold and AS1S  Silver models are made specifically for the DV HR Alto mouthpiece.

Upgrade to a POWER RING Ligature

You will love the simplicity, beauty, and effectiveness of the POWER RING Ligature. The POWER RING provides both a significant improvement in performance and greatly enhanced visual appeal. The POWER RING features a concave inner design, which reduces the touch points on the reed, thereby maximizing reed vibration. There are no moving or added parts, thereby increasing the efficiency of vibration. The increased mass and greater wall thickness of the new POWER RING Ligature, together with its more contoured shape, provides a more solid contact with the reed at the points where they touch. This allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed, which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid, and low frequencies.

JodyJazz DV HR Alto Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings

  • 5 = .072
  • 6 = .078
  • 7 = .083
  • 8 = .090

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