Rousseau - ER50 Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Next Generation State of The Art Classical Mouthpiece – Inspired by Eugene Rousseau

The Rousseau ER50 Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece provides focus without restriction, allowing players to achieve a flexible sound with great warmth and shimmering tone color. The increased resistance of this mouthpiece allows for great control, especially in the altissimo register. The tonal stability and clarity that this mouthpiece provides is unmatched. The ER50 Custom delivers a measured response, feel, and tone, yet still delivers the Rousseau magic tone from the unique designs of Dr. Rousseau’s chamber and baffle.

The ER50 Custom was in development for over one year and is made entirely at the JodyJazz factory using our state-of the art 3D modeling and CNC machinery. Then using our expert craftsmanship, we hand finish these mouthpieces to an excellence and consistency that is unparalleled.


ER50 Custom .064” 1.63

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