Denis Wick - DW5566 - Wooden Straight Mute for BBb Tuba

A slightly larger version of theDW5564 (the EEb version), this mute is designed to fit in the typical brass band BB♭ tuba. It has a special warm tone colour unmatched by other materials, especially in soft dynamics. The sidewalls are made from Finnish birch (sourced from a sustainable forest), and the base is a strong plywood. The inside of the cone is lined with a vulcanised fibre to provide superior durability and a powerful, earthy sound. Ideal for use in bands. Extra corks are provided free of charge to ensure a perfect fit in most large tubas.


      Weight: 1.61 kg
      Dimensions: 73.99 × 32 × 32 cm

      About Denis Wick mutes

      Denis Wick mutes have set the standard for tone and intonation for many years. They bring an amazing range of tone colours to any brass section and are essential for the performance of a huge range of music, from classical composers such as Mahler and Shostakovich to film scores, avant-garde music, big bands and small group jazz.

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