TreeWorks - TRE-51 Hard-Sided Wind Chime Gigbag

TreeWorks Chimes TRE51 Hard-sided Gig Bag, Case for Wind Chimes and Bar Chimes

Protect your chimes with this well-constructed case from the chime specialists at TreeWorks. The TRE51 Hard-sided Gig Bag is specifically designed to hold chimes (sometimes called bar chimes, wind chimes or chime trees). It can be used with any brand chime up to 25 1/2 inches in length. This rugged case is zippered on three sides with an oversized heavy-duty zipper for easy access. The dense foam padding and rigid plastic internal sidewalls, combined with an abrasion resistant outer fabric, give the ultimate in protection for your chimes, both in puncture protection (rigid plastic walls) and drop protection (dense foam padding). The internal straps hold the instrument in place while traveling and keep the chime bars from getting tangled--a real time saver when you are setting up for a show. It also quiets the chimes from ringing out which can be a distraction when you are moving in and out of a venue.

There is no reason to risk damaging your chime between gigs. Add the TreeWorks Hard-sided Gig Bag chime case to your kit and you will be ready for a world tour or simply gigging at the local club.

- Protect your chimes while in transit
- Internal straps firmly hold the chimes in place
- Rigid plastic sidewalls with dense foam padding shield your instrument from bumps and bruises
- Rugged enough to be used daily by the top 24 DCI Drum Corps
- Fits all brands chimes up to 25 1/2" x 9 1/2"

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