Schagerl - Meisterinstrumente - Opus F Tenor Bb/F Trombones

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Developed for Mnozil Brass's Gerhard Füssl:

My new OPUS F trombone offers the best of all worlds: a strong core fortissimo that never spreads (rarely can one play so close to painfully loud volume levels and yet maintan a beautiful sound!). At the other end of the spectrum, in piano dynamics it retains an a pleasantly round character in all registers. Legato passages come out as soft as Alpine butter warmed by the summer sunshine.

The overtone-rich tone quality and the simple repsonse of the OPUS F makes it fun to play in a lyrical style. The are no “problem tones”, so much so that the intonation of the overtone series is flawless, all of which make this a reliable parter in all my work with Mnozil Brass.


  • Tune: Bb/F
  • Bell: Gold brass
  • Bore: 14 mm
  • Slide: 13.9 mm

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